EDirectory Version


EDirectory Version is ridiculous.

It is nearly impossible to determine the Version of eDirectory

Help Us.#

We have gathered this information as it is not generally available from many sources.

The Release Notes[1] from NetIQ are not informative as to how they determined the version and inconsistent with Observations. (We have not installed every version either)

We are obtaining the EDirectory Version information by using:

ndsd --version

No idea how to get the OpenSSL version that eDirectory uses.

We obtain Java version by executing:

/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib64/nds-modules/jre/bin/java -version
Java could be upgraded by DirXML which affects the eDirectory version. (As far as we know)

Or by the Release Notes[1] from NetIQ

EDirectory (40002.79)#

eDirectory (40102.29)June 201840101.29LDAP Agent for NetIQ eDirectory 9.1.1 (???)1.8.0_1721.0.2n-293.1.0
eDirectory (40101.29)March 201840101.29LDAP Agent for NetIQ eDirectory 9.1.0 (???)1.8.0_??1.0.2n3.1.0
eDirectory (40006.33)July 201740006.33LDAP Agent for NetIQ eDirectory 9.0.4 (40006.36)1.8.0_1311.0.2n3.0.2
eDirectory (40005.13)April 201740005.14LDAP Agent for NetIQ eDirectory 9.0.3 (40005.14)1.8.0_1121.0.2k3.0.2
eDirectory (40005.12)April 201740005.12LDAP Agent for NetIQ eDirectory 9.0.3 (40005.14)1.8.0_1121.0.2k3.0.2
eDirectory (40004.44)February 201740004.44 1.8.0_1021.0.2j-fips3.0.1
eDirectory (40004.44)December 201640004.44LDAP Agent for NetIQ eDirectory 9.0.2 (40004.55)1.8.0_1021.0.2j-fips3.0.1
eDirectory (40004.44)November 201640004.44 1.8.0_1021.0.2j-fips3.0.1
eDirectory (40003.38)August 201640003.38 1.8.0_921.0.1t-fips3.0.1
eDirectory (40003.37)June 201640003.37 1.8.0_921.0.1t-fips3.0.1
EDirectory (40002.79)January 201640002.79 1.8.0_661.0.1q3.0

What is missing#

How the version information is obtained. Nearly every module within EDirectory has a different version.


The marketing version string using the following format:
[product] [major version].[minor version].[update/support pack].[interim release number]

Example: eDirectory

Product Management owns the contents of the Marketing String. This string will be available at the beginning of each new release. The Marketing String has NO association with the Version Number. Each product component will ship with the same Marketing String in a given release..


The following is an example of the build string found on an eDirectory component.

Example: 10110.20

This new format is strictly a build format to keep track of each build as it is released. The number is composed of a release number, a sub-release number, a release source, a build number and a build source. The following builds and their equivalencies are listed below:

These versions are all available from the Novell support download site.

Note: The last eDirectory version supported on NetWare is Edirectory (20219.15). Therefore, the later versions of eDirectory no longer track the version on that platform.

Examples of EDirectory Version #

  • Using ndsd --version
    • NetIQ eDirectory 9.0.2 v40004.44
  • NcpServer
    • dsRevision: 4000512
    • Version: eDirectory for Linux x86_64 v9.0.3 [DS]
  • rootDSE
    • vendorVersion: LDAP Agent for NetIQ eDirectory 9.0.3 (40005.14)
So what is the real EDirectory Version?

Other eDirectory Product Versions#



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