EIDM Check-list For HRSystem

IDM RA Checklist for HR System#

Client Information Gathering Session Questions

System #

  • What is the name and version of the system you are using (i.e.: Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft)?
  • (PS only) what version of PS Tools are you on?
  • (SAP only) are you currently using CUA?
  • What database and version does the system reside on?
  • What modules are you using? What version of each?
  • What operating system and version are you running?
  • What platform are the application servers?
  • Are you up-to-date on patches and fixes? (Last Patch Installed)
  • Are you using any type of authentication? If so, explain authentication type and process.
  • Have you customized any of the core tables? Explain.

Business Data#

  • Do you enter future dated transactions? If yes, when would a new hire be granted access to the system? When would a terminated employee need access revoked?
  • Do you make corrections to historical transactions?
  • What is the unique identifier in your system for employees and how is it created? (i.e.: employee number, system generated)
  • Is this unique identifier ever deleted or reused?
  • Can an employee have more than one unique identifier? (i.e.: can an employee be more than one employee type at the same time)
  • Can employees have more than one primary job record?
  • Do you have non-employees in your system? If yes, how are the identified?
  • How many active employees/non-employees to you have in your system?
    • Number of Employees
    • Number of Non-Employees
  • How are the following people handled
    • Retireies
    • Contractors
    • Vendors
  • Do you store employee email address in your system?
  • Do you store legal name and how is it formatted?
  • Do you store preferred name and how is it formatted?
  • Do you use extended characters when storing names (i.e.: hyphens, accents, umlauts)?
  • Do you use prefix and/or suffix names (i.e.: Dr, Jr, III)
  • Is there any way to derive employees network and application access requirements from your HR system?
  • Which of these basic employee fields are stored and maintained in your HR system and what is the format for each (i.e.: length = 8 numeric zero filled, length = 30 mixed open text)?
    • Employee Number
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Middle Initial / Name
    • Department Number
    • Department Description
    • Location Code
    • Location Description
    • Job Code
    • Business Title
    • Work Phone Number
    • Manager Employee Number
    • Manager Name
    • Email Address
    • Insert Other Fields Available
  • Is there any data available from other systems that you would want sent back and stored in your HR database? (i.e.: email address)
  • Are there any known data cleansing issues?


  • What is your business process for a new hire?
  • What is your business process for a termination?
  • Is account access still required after an employee is terminated? (i.e.: manager access to email account)
  • What is your business process for a retiring employee?
  • When an employee retires is there any system access that they retain?
  • What is your business process for a rehire?
  • When an employee is rehired do they get their original unique identifier (employee number)?
  • What is your business process for a leave of absence?
  • What is your business process for a return from leave?
  • What is your business process for a transfer?
  • Do you use roles in your HR system for granting access?
  • How is security access handled in your system? Who maintains user access?
  • Do you have employee self-service?
  • Are there any batch jobs run for any of the business processes discussed?
  • Would it be possible to get queries or extracts from your database? If yes, please include table names and field headings. (Discuss data needed.)


Are there any additional comments, risks, assumptions or issues that we should be aware of for this project?