EMVCo Tokenization


EMV Payment Tokenisation Specification – Technical Framework

EMVCo Tokenization is a method for protecting Payment Card data by substituting a card’s Primary Account Number (PAN) with a unique, randomly generated sequence of numbers.

This "token" (essentially a by-reference value) can be reversed to its true associated PAN value at any time with the right decryption keys. There are different kinds of EMVCo Tokenization and different ways to create them, and a token can be merchant specific, single-or multi-use; tokens can be stored and managed in the cloud, in a token vault, or at a merchant location; and, once a token has been created, it may be tied to a card on file, an individual transaction, a payment card, or a device.

HCE - Tokenization#

The Token is like a by-reference card number that looks and feels like a credit card number for most intents and purposes, but is a virtual credit card number. During transaction authorization the token would be de-tokenized into the real PAN by the Acquirer before passing on to the Issuer for authorization.

EMVCo Tokenization/hce_tokenization-101_infographic.pdf(info)

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