Edirectory Filtered Replicas


Edirectory Filtered Replicas contain a filtered set of objects or object classes along with a filtered set of attributes and values for those objects that would be present in a normal Edirectory Replicas.

For example, you might want to create a set of filtered replicas on a single server that contains only User objects from various partitions in the eDirectory tree. In addition to this, you can choose to include only a subset of the User objects' data (for example, Given Name, Surname, and Telephone Number).

A filtered replica can construct a view of eDirectory data onto a single server. To do this, filtered replicas let you create a scope and a filter. This results in an eDirectory server that can house a well-defined data set from many partitions in the tree.

The descriptions of the server's scope and data filters are stored in eDirectory and can be managed through the Server object in iManager.

A server hosting one of more filtered replicas has only a single replication filter. Therefore, all filtered replicas on the server contain the same subset of information from their respective partitions. The master partition replica of a filtered replica must be hosted on an eDirectory server running eDirectory 8.5 or later.

Filtered replicas can:

  • Reduce synchronization traffic to the server by reducing the amount of data that must be replicated from other servers.
  • Reduce the number of events that must be filtered by DirXML®. For more information on DirXML, see the DirXML Administration Guide.
  • Reduce the size of the directory database. Each replica adds to the size of the database. By creating a filtered replica that contains only specific classes (instead of creating a full replica), you can reduce the size of your local database.
    For example, if your tree contains 10,000 objects but only a small percentage of those objects are Users, you could create a filtered replica containing only the User objects instead of a full replica containing all 10,000 objects.

Other than the ability to filter data stored in a local database, the filtered replica is like a normal eDirectory replica and it can be changed back to a full replica at any time.

NOTE: Filtered replicas by default will have the Organization and the Organizational Unit as mandatory filters.

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