Edirectory Performance Counters


This is a Ldapsearch Examples which demonstrates Retrieving EDirectory Performance Counters.

You can retrieve a lot of information from Edirectory Performance Counters.

SUN's and some other Vendor's have a cn=monitor container for statistics.

Edirectory 8.7 and Newer#

How Many Searches are being Performed?#

ldapsearch -LLL -h -b "" -s base -D cn=admin,ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com -W "(objectclass=*)" searchOps wholeSubtreeSearchOps oneLevelSearchOps
oneLevelSearchOps: 1
wholeSubtreeSearchOps: 945
searchOps: 960

The statistics are always cleared when the LDAP Server (or LDAP module on the server) is restarted.#

How Many binds are being Performed?#

ldapsearch -LLL -h -b "" -s base -D cn=admin,ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com -W "(objectclass=*)" strongAuthBinds simpleAuthBinds unAuthBinds
unAuthBinds: 3
simpleAuthBinds: 13
strongAuthBinds: 0

All Available Statistics#

You can use an ldapsearch command to get the stats:
ldapsearch -h ldapserver.willeke.com -p636 -e C:\mydata\treerootcert.der  -b "" -s base -D cn=admin,ou=administration,dc=willeke,dc=com -w secretpwd "(objectclass=*)" chainings removeEntryOps referralsReturned listOps modifyRDNOps repUpdatesIn repUpdatesOut strongAuthBinds addEntryOps compareOps wholeSubtreeSearchOps modifyEntryOps searchOps errors simpleAuthBinds inOps oneLevelSearchOps inBytes abandonOps bindSecurityErrors securityErrors unAuthBinds outBytes extendedOps readOps dsaName directoryTreeName vendorVersion vendorName

vendorName: Novell, Inc.
vendorVersion: LDAP Agent for Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP2 (20216.51)
directoryTreeName: willeketree
dsaName: cn=ldapserver,ou=services,dc=willeke,dc=com
readOps: 88723
extendedOps: 852
outBytes: 79936509
unAuthBinds: 3
securityErrors: 4
bindSecurityErrors: 4
abandonOps: 4
inBytes: 24976818
oneLevelSearchOps: 20811
inOps: 149230
simpleAuthBinds: 12544
errors: 117
searchOps: 109547
modifyEntryOps: 106
wholeSubtreeSearchOps: 11
compareOps: 1
addEntryOps: 1
strongAuthBinds: 0
repUpdatesOut: 0
repUpdatesIn: 0
modifyRDNOps: 0
listOps: 0
referralsReturned: 0
removeEntryOps: 0
chainings: 0



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