Edirectory Passwords#

Since the introduction of its One Net vision, Novell has helped thousands of organizations around the world blend heterogeneous systems into manageable, unified networks. Novell eDirectory, the world's most advanced high-end directory service, has been a key to that success. Running on a host of server operating systems and supporting a wide range of industry standards, eDirectory has given businesses an identity foundation that spans the organization.

Yet despite eDirectory's extreme interoperability, the traditional Novell password has, at times, proved to be an obstacle in this integration. In the past, administrators have had to manage multiple password types (such as a Simple Password, NDSPassword and enhanced password because of password limitations. Administrators have also had to deal with keeping the passwords synchronized.

With the release of Novell eDirectory 8.6 (and additional functionality in version 8.7), Novell introduced Universal Password to address these challenges by simplifying the integration and management of different password and authentication systems into a coherent network.

  • NDS Password
  • Simple
  • Enhanced Password: The enhanced password, the forerunner of Universal Password, offers some password policy, but its design is not consistent with other passwords. It provides a one-way synchronization and it replaces the simple or NDS password. This was never widely used.
  • Universal Password - The current eDirectory Recommended Password

Edirectory Administrative Password Changes#

Edirectory Administrative Password Changes are applied to to a users password, the password is normally expired.

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