Emergent Design


Emergent Design is a Design where solution will emerge little by little as we build up the code in small increments, typically using test-driven development with very short Red Green Refactor cycles.

Emergent Design starts with a rough idea about the Business value you want to deliver, and defer the decisions until you know more.

When it goes well, we avoid a number of problems.

  • won’t create a comprehensive design and write a lot of code that only leads us down a rabbit hole that’s hard to climb back out of.
  • won’t get carried away with our natural creativity and over-engineer the thing way beyond what our customers want to pay for.
  • won’t end up with a suboptimal architecture because we invested too much too soon in our initial design ideas.

Many time Ldapwiki has seen Development Teams deliver a feature they thought was really desired that took them months to build, only to find the Customer would never use the feature.

Emergent Design in Agile is often referred to as the Last Responsible Moment.

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