Enc is an Abbreviation of Encryption.

Enc JSON Web Encryption#

The Enc (encryption algorithm) Header Parameter identifies the content encryption algorithm used to perform authenticated encryption on the Plaintext to produce the Ciphertext and the Authentication Tag. This algorithm MUST be an AEAD algorithm with a specified key length. The encrypted content is not usable if the enc value does not represent a supported algorithm. Enc values should either be registered in the IANA JSON Web Signature and Encryption Algorithms registry defined in JWA or be a value that contains a Collision-Resistant Name.

The Enc value is a case-sensitive ASCII string containing a StringOrURI value. This Header Parameter MUST be present and MUST be understood and processed by implementations.

A list of defined Enc values for this use can be found in the IANA Registry "JSON Web Signature and Encryption Algorithms" registry established by JWA; the initial contents of this registry are the values defined in Section 5.1 of JWA.

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