End Transaction Response


End Transaction Responseis an LDAPMessage sent in response to an End Transaction Request.

End Transaction Response responseName is absent.

The responseValue when present contains a BER-encoded txnEndRes.

txnEndRes ::= SEQUENCE {
    messageID MessageID OPTIONAL,
        -- msgid associated with non-success resultCode
    updatesControls SEQUENCE OF updateControls SEQUENCE {
        messageID MessageID,
        -- msgid associated with controls
        controls  Controls
where MessageID and Controls are as specified in RFC 4511
  • txnEndRes.messageID provides the message id of the update request associated with a non-success response.
  • txnEndRes.messageID is absent when resultCode of the End Transaction Response is success (0).

The txnEndRes.updatesControls provides a facility for returning response controls that normally (i.e., in the absence of transactions) would be returned in an update response. The updateControls.messageID provides the message id of the update request associated with the response controls provided in updateControls.controls.

The txnEndRes.updatesControls is absent when there are no update response controls to return.

If both txnEndRes.messageID and txnEndRes.updatesControl are absent, the responseValue of the End Transaction Response is absent.

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