Entitlement are the access privileges needed for an entity to perform their job(s).

In essence, Entitlement are the technology or access aspect of Identity and Access Management.

Entitlement technologies could include:

Entitlement is at least closely related to a privilege

To explain an Entitlement please refer to our Entitlement Example

Entitlements typically have Entitlement parameter values. As an from our Entitlement Example the entitlement:
"Access to the Building they work in" might have a multi-valued attribute to Identity which Buildings the entity "Works In"

These Entitlement parameter values are often from an Attribute Value associated to the Digital Identity

Roles are collections of one or more Entitlement(s).

We typically strive to utilize the Access Control Model called Adaptive Policy-based Access Management (APAM) when implementing Roles and Entitlement.

The Entitlement Management System (EMS) #

The Entitlement Management System (EMS) is responsible for centrally managing, distributing and enforcing Authorization policies throughout the organization and beyond.

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