So of course the docs should mention that there are error variables?

They do, it is just buried and not obvious.

Right after a do-start-workflow event, if there is an error, the error variable, "error.do-start-workflow" will have a value. The DirXML Example Code below will catch when there is a value for Error.do-start-workflow:

			<if-local-variable mode="regex" name="error.do-start-workflow" op="equal">.+</if-local-variable>
		<do-trace-message level="3">
				<token-text xml:space="preserve">Workflow Error Detected PLACEHOLDER</token-text>
This will catch it. Do inside the IF what you desire.

Alas, Find Matching stores it as funny values of the dest-dn, strange Unicode values.


Many thanks to Geoffrey Carman for this and all of His fine IDM work

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