Event Monitoring


Event Monitoring is a specific implementation for Monitoring


Various LDAP events are monitored, logged and alerted. The LDAP monitor authenticates to the LDAP server, so it is know that the LDAP service is responsive. Any failure during an authentication generates an Alert Error Event and the returned LDAP Error and other appropriate information is provided.

DirXML Monitoring#

DirXML Driver - monitored for state to see if the driver is stopped. This monitoring is performed in the following manner:

Authenticate to the server that hosts the DirXML Driver.

Any error authenticating will generate an error event and be logged.

Obtain the DirXML Driver value of the "DirXML-DriverStartOption" attribute. Possible values are:

0 = Auto. Start automatically when eDirectory is initialized.
1 = Manual. Start manually through the ConsoleOne interface.
2 = Disabled. Cannot start until set to Manual or Auto.

NOTE: Novell's documentation was numbered as 1,2,3 but reality says docs are wrong.

Obtain the value of the DirXML-State attribute. Possible values are: 0 = Stopped
1 = Starting
2 = Running
3 = Shutdown pending
11 = Driver get schema

An Alert Error Event is generated if the DirXML-State is NOT (2) "Running" and the DirXML-DriverStartOption is NOT set to (3) "Disabled". No other events are generated. An log entry is not made unless the logging priority is set to INFO or above.

The DirXML-Driver is also checked for any "new" entries in the multi-valued "DirXML-StatusLog" attribute. Any new "values" in this attribute generate an Alert Event supplying the value provided form the attribute as a level of "waring" or "error".

NOTE: Currently the errors from the Status logs are not alerted, but are logged and displayed on the Alert Page.

DirXML Channels - monitored for new entries in thier DirXML-StatusLog and the new entries are logged and alerted. NOTE: Currenlty the errors from the Status logs are not alerted, but are logged and displayed on the Alert Page.

Replica State Monitoring#

Each replica on each monitored server is checked to see that the replica state is ON. If not the state is logged and an Alert Error Event is generated.

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