Event System


Event System is a system which is event-triggered.

Event System may include:

Event System is often the implementation of Event-Driven Architecture

Event System eDirectory#

Event System within DHost for eDirectory is where event consumer of services can register for events and consume them when they occur.

An event handler can be registered as Worker, Inline, or Journal.

The Journal Event queue is expected to report the events in the same order as they occur. With the current Journal Event system, the journal event queue is maintained in memory. If the consumers of the events are slow, or the rate at which events occur is more than the rate at which they can be processed, the Journal queue starts growing. This results in the memory growth of the NDSD process.

The Journal Event System is modified to allow you to use a combination of memory and disk to maintain events in a queue. This reduces the drastic growth in memory of the DNSD process.

Some instances where the events can cause memory growth are:

You can control memory growth by enabling Event system caching.

Common Event Format (CEF) #

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