Events vs Commands


Events vs Commands in DirXML are have distinction is subtle but important.

Many of the possible child elements of <input> can be interpreted either as DirXML command or as DirXML event, depending on the context, and have essentially the same syntax.

In general, for elements that can be used as either a command or as notification of an event the following applies:

When the DirXML Shim sends an DirXML event to DirXML Engine the DirXML Shim is informing DirXML Engine of something that occurred in the Connected Application. DirXML Engine will then determine, based on configurable DirXML PolicySets/DirXML Rules, which DirXML command, if any, must be sent to the eDirectory.

When DirXML Engine sends a DirXML command to the DirXML Shim, DirXML Engine has already taken an eDirectory DirXML event as input, applied the appropriate DirXML PolicySets/DirXML Rules, and determined that the change in the Connected Application represented by the DirXML command is necessary.

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