ExtendedKeyUsage is a Certificate Extensions and consists of a list of usages indicating purposes for which the certificate public key can be used for.

These can either be object short names of the dotted numerical form of OIDs. While any OID can be used only certain values make sense. In particular the following PKIX, NS and MS values are meaningful: (Not an complete list)

OIDStringREFMeaning 3280SSL/TLS Web Server Authentication. 3280SSL/TLS Web Client Authentication. 3280Code signing. 3280E-mail Protection (S/MIME). 3280IP security end system 3280IP security tunnel termination 3280IP security user 3280Trusted Timestamping 3280OCSPstamping Individual Code Signing (authenticode) Commercial Code Signing (authenticode) Trust List Signing Server Gated Crypto Encrypted File System
2.16.840.1.113730.4.1nsSGCNetscapeNetscape Server Gated Crypto



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