Extensible Resource Identifier


Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) is a scheme and resolution protocol for abstract Unique Identifiers compatible with Uniform Resource Identifiers and Internationalized Resource Identifiers, developed by the XRI Technical Committee at OASIS.

Extensible Resource Identifier goal is a standard syntax and discovery format for abstract, structured identifiers that are domain-, location-, application-, and transport-independent, so they can be shared across any number of domains, directories, and interaction protocols.

Extensible Resource Identifier 2.0 specifications were rejected by OASIS, a failure attributed to the intervention of the W3C W3C Technical Architecture Group which recommended against using XRIs or taking the XRI specifications forward. The core of the dispute is whether the widely interoperable HTTP URIs are capable of fulfilling the role of abstract, structured identifiers, as the W3C Technical Architecture Group believes, but whose limitations the XRI Technical Committee was formed specifically to address.

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