FHIR Resource


FHIR Resource is a Resource contained within a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

FHIR Resource is an entity that:

  • FHIR Resource.id - has a known identity (a URL) by which it can be addressed once assigned, this value never changes.
  • FHIR Resource.type - identifies itself as one of the types of resource defined in the FHIR specification
  • contains a set of Structured data items as described by the definition of the resource type
  • has an identified version that changes if the contents of the FHIR Resource change
FHIR Resources have multiple Data representation.

FHIR Resource has Classification groups.

FHIR Resource, whether defined as a data type (including primitives) or as part of a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources structure, have this base content:

There are 3 kinds of descendent types that specialize FHIR Resource:

FHIR Resource MUST have a @value or children FHIR Resource

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