FIDO Client


FIDO Client is the intermediary application that binds FIDO Authenticators with the FIDO Relying Party application.

FIDO Client is installed on the local device and can look up all FIDO Authenticators and communicate via JSON messages standardized by the FIDO ASM API.

The messages between a Relying Party application and FIDO Client and Relying Party are the standardized FIDO protocol.

The FIDO Client can be preā€“installed on the Operating System or web browser.

FIDO Client as a Proxy#

FIDO Client is a limited Proxy between the FIDO Authenticators and the FIDO Relying Party.

From the FIDO perspective the User interacts with the FIDO Client and the FIDO Client talks to the FIDO Relying Party.

The FIDO Authenticators does not interact directly to the FIDO Relying Party or with the user (Except for the presence test)

The FIDO Client has no consideration as to any other Attributes about the user. Only that the Public Key/Private Key pairs were verified between the FIDO Client and the FIDO Relying Party.

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