FLAIM Block Cache


FLAIM Block Cache FLAIM Block Cache is part of the FLAIM Cache and is used to cache Disk Blocks from the Operating System

FLAIM Block Cache is most useful for Modify Request operations.

Both oneā€level and sub scoped searches use the FLAIM Entry Cache as well as the FLAIM Block Cache.

A fault (happens when data is NOT in FLAIM Block Cache) will result in a disk read operation. Disk reads are always expensive, but they can be avoided if a block is retrieved from the Operating System Page Cache.

FLAIM Block Cache Edirectory Indexes#

FLAIM Block Cache is used to retrieve Edirectory Indexes.

Although Edirectory Indexes help in faster searches, having too many indexes keeps the server busy maintaining them. Edirectory Indexes are modified if attribute values are modified, added, or deleted.

During large upload operations, Edirectory Indexes can be disabled for faster upload.

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