Fan-out UIDGID Sets

UID/GID Set Attributes#

  • Highest Used UID/GID - The highest UID/GID number that has been assigned to a user or group.
  • Reserved UID/GID Range - Specifies a range of UID/GID numbers that the driver does not assign to users or groups.
  • Associated Platform Sets - The Platform Sets that use this UID/GID Set.

Actual Entry (Named default)looks like:

   ASAM-reservedUIDGIDLowRange	10000
   ou	default
   ASAM-highestUsedUIDGID	15002
   objectClass	ASAM-UIDGIDSet
   objectClass	Top
   ASAM-reservedUIDGIDHighRange	15000

How is the UID/GID Set linked to the User?#

On the user's census entry in the directory the ASAM-UIDGIDAssociation attribute hods the "cn" values of the UID/GID Set and the uidNumber value an example is shown below:

Not Using UID/GID sets#

If you create your platform sets and do not assign them UID/GID sets, then the platform set can use the RFC2307 attributes (uidNumber, gidNumber, gecos, homeDirectory, loginShell) as assigned within eDirectory.

The only problem with the RFC2307 attributes are that they give the users a single UID and a single loginShell. If you want to allow for users to have different uid's on different systems or use shells that may not exist on some systems, you need a multi-valued construct like is utilized with the UIDGIDAssociation attibute.

Nxsettings Driver#

The NxsettingsDriver can be used to set the RFC2307 attributes on the users within the directory.

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