The fan-out driver enables you to synchronize information from Identity Manager to many different connected systems using a single driver.

The fan-out driver offers delegated logic and control to your system administrators. You can process any Identity Manager data-change event with a script on the platform. Authentication redirection provides login support for a universal password, accessing a central repository for login and password rules. Full bi-directional password synchronization is also supported.

The fan-out driver is the natural upgrade path from Novell Account Management.

The same extensible scripts are supported to manage users and groups on target platforms, and the same Authentication Services API is supported. In future releases, the fan-out driver will provide tighter integration with Identity Manager, while continuing to provide the flexibility to manage all aspects of the user experience using extensible scripts.

The fan-out driver has two components:

The core driver provides event fan-out to target platforms running Platform Services. A single core driver can support many platforms running Platform Services, regardless of platform operating system.

Described here are the operations of the Linux/Unix Fan-Out driver, yet much of the description of the coredriver is the same regardless of the platform.

Overview Of Linux-Unix Fan-out Driver#

Sample Platform Configuration File

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