Federated Identity


Federated Identity is the means of linking a Digital Identity and Identity Attributes stored across multiple distinct identity systems.[1]

Federated Identity is typically performed through an Identity Correlation and or Identity Broker for a Federation.

A Federated Identity creates a Digital Subject which is the combination of all of an entity's Digital Identitys within the Digital Context and may include Identity Attributes from one of more Security Domains.

Federated Identity allows, assuming there are no agreements to the contrary, the Identity Provider (IDP) to perform as a Identity Broker using the attributes of the Federated Identity.

Federated Identity are created from a Federation of one or more Identity Provider (IDP) by some form of agreement or by an agreement of the Entity using Social Login.

Federated Identity Examples:#

There are many commercial options available; however, most of these options use one or more of the options discussed.

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