Firebug is a web developer’s best friend. It is a Firefox add-on that makes it very easy to debug and develop web pages. It provides you with a way to inspect page elements and perform many other functions as well. But what about Firebug on other browsers?

Installing Firebug on IE, Safari, Chrome or Opera#

Firebug Lite makes it possible to install Firebug into any web browser! You should be able to use Firebug with Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and any other browser that supports JavaScript. Firebug Lite is written in JavaScript, so you can include it on a webpage with the following code:
<script type='text/javascript'

Check it out on this link. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/install-firebug-for-browsers-other-than-firefox/

The limitation is that the javascript above must be on the page you are inspecting.

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