Fixed-point is a number Data representation and a Data type of essentially an integer that is scaled by an implicit specific factor determined by the type.

Fixed-point example#

Fixed-point number the value 1230 can represented as:
  • with scaling factor of 1/1000 as 1.23
  • with scaling factor of 1000 as 1,230,000
Unlike floating-point Data types, the scaling factor is the same for all values of the same type, and does not change during the entire computation.

Fixed-point maximum value and minimum value is simply the largest value that can be represented in the underlying integer type multiplied by the scaling factor.

Very few computer languages include built-in support for Fixed-point values, because for most applications, binary or decimal floating-point Data representations are usually simpler to use and accurate enough.

Almost all Relational Database Management System (databases), and the SQL, support Fixed-point decimal arithmetic and storage of numbers.

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