Flat Cleaner

Flat Cleaner#

The Flat Cleaner is an EDirectory Background Processes that is used to eliminate eDirectory variables and attributes that are no longer needed by the database. Flat Cleaner is responsible for

  • Eliminating unused bindery and external reference (X-ref) objects and/or attributes.
  • Making sure that each of the objects in a partition replica maintained on this server has a valid Public Key attribute.
  • Eliminating NDS External References NDS Obituaries that have been set as purgeable.
  • Making sure that the Server objects in partition replicas hosted on this server have maintained accurate Status and Version attributes. The Server object maintains an attribute that specifies server status as up, down, initializing, and so on. It also keeps a record of the version of eDirectory running on that server.


Flat Cleaner can be indirectly monitored through the use of Check External References in Ndsrepair.

DSTrace also provides the capability to monitor the Janitor process directly.

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