GCP IAM Policy


GCP IAM Policy is a collection of statements that define who has what type of access.

GCP IAM Policy is attached to a GCP Resource and is used to enforce Access Control whenever that GCP Resource is accessed.'

GCP IAM Policy is assigned to a GCP Resource which defines what to the list of GCP Identities to GCP Roles.

GCP Role is the role you want to assign to the user. The GCP Role is specified in the form of roles/<name of the role>. For example, roles/owner, roles/editor, and roles/viewer.

Google Service Management API#

Google Service Management allows service producers to publish their services on Google Cloud Platform so that they can be discovered and used by service consumers.


The binding method consists of two properties. members Array.<string>: Specifies the identities requesting access for a GCP Resource. members can have the following values: For example, "members" could be:
  • user:{emailid} alice@gmail.com or joe@example.com.
  • serviceAccount{emailid}: my-other-app@appspot.gserviceaccount.com.
  • group:{emailid}:
  • domain:{domain}: A Google Apps domain name that represents all the users of that domain. For example, google.com or example.com.
  • role {string}: GCP Role that is assigned to members. For example, roles/viewer, roles/editor, or roles/owner. REQUIRED


Google Cloud Platform

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