GCP Role


GCP Role is a Role in Google Cloud IAM

GCP Role is a collection of GCP Permissions. You cannot assign a GCP Permission to the G-Suite User directly; instead you grant them a role. When you grant a GCP Role to a G-Suite User, you grant them all the permissions that the GCP Role contains.

  • Primitive roles: The roles historically available in the Google Cloud Platform Console will continue to work. These are the Owner, Editor, and Viewer roles.
  • Predefined roles: Predefined roles are the Google Cloud IAM roles that give finer-grained access control than the primitive roles.
    • For example, the predefined role Publisher provides access to only publish messages to a Pub/Sub topic.
  • Custom roles: Roles that you create to tailor permissions to the needs of your organization when Predefined roles don't meet your needs.


Google Cloud Platform

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