GS1 Country Code


GS1 Country Code is a Country Code and the first three digits of the EAN-13 GS1 Company Prefix which indicates the GS1 member Organizational Entity that assigned the GS1 Company Prefix

00000Unused to avoid collision with GTIN-8
00001 – 00009
0001 – 0009
001 – 019
GS1 United States
020 - 029Used to issue restricted circulation numbers within a geographic region (MO defined)
030 - 039GS1 US
040 - 049Used to issue GS1 restricted circulation numbers within a company
050 - 059GS1 United States reserved for future use
060 - 139GS1 United States
200 - 299Used to issue GS1 restricted circulation number within a geographic region (MO defined)
300 - 379GS1 France
380GS1 Bulgaria
383GS1 Slovenija
385GS1 Croatia
387GS1 BIH (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
389GS1 Montenegro
400 - 440GS1 Germany
450 - 459 & 490 - 499GS1 Japan
460 - 469GS1 Russia
470GS1 Kyrgyzstan
471GS1 Chinese Taipei
474GS1 Estonia
475GS1 Latvia
476GS1 Azerbaijan
477GS1 Lithuania
478GS1 Uzbekistan
479GS1 Sri Lanka
480GS1 Philippines
481GS1 Belarus
482GS1 Ukraine
483GS1 Turkmenistan
484GS1 Moldova
485GS1 Armenia
486GS1 Georgia
487GS1 Kazakstan
488GS1 Tajikistan
489GS1 Hong Kong, China
500 - 509GS1 UK
520 - 521GS1 Association Greece
528GS1 Lebanon
529GS1 Cyprus
530GS1 Albania
531GS1 Macedonia
535GS1 Malta
539GS1 Ireland
540 - 549GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg
560GS1 Portugal
569GS1 Iceland
570 - 579GS1 Denmark
590GS1 Poland
594GS1 Romania
599GS1 Hungary
600 - 601GS1 South Africa
603GS1 Ghana
604GS1 Senegal
608GS1 Bahrain
609GS1 Mauritius
611GS1 Morocco
613GS1 Algeria
615GS1 Nigeria
616GS1 Kenya
618GS1 Ivory Coast
619GS1 Tunisia
620GS1 Tanzania
621GS1 Syria
622GS1 Egypt
623GS1 Brunei
624GS1 Libya
625GS1 Jordan
626GS1 Iran
627GS1 Kuwait
628GS1 Saudi Arabia
629GS1 Emirates
640 - 649GS1 Finland
690 - 699GS1 China
700 - 709GS1 Norway
729GS1 Israel
730 - 739GS1 Sweden
740GS1 Guatemala
741GS1 El Salvador
742GS1 Honduras
743GS1 Nicaragua
744GS1 Costa Rica
745GS1 Panama
746GS1 Republica Dominicana
750GS1 Mexico
754 - 755GS1 Canada
759GS1 Venezuela
760 - 769GS1 Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera
770 - 771GS1 Colombia
773GS1 Uruguay
775GS1 Peru
777GS1 Bolivia
778 - 779GS1 Argentina
780GS1 Chile
784GS1 Paraguay
786GS1 Ecuador
789 - 790GS1 Brasil
800 - 839GS1 Italy
840 - 849GS1 Spain
850GS1 Cuba
858GS1 Slovakia
859GS1 Czech
860 GS1 Serbia
865GS1 Mongolia
867GS1 North Korea
868 - 869GS1 Turkey
870 - 879GS1 Netherlands
880GS1 South Korea
884GS1 Cambodia
885GS1 Thailand
888GS1 Singapore
890GS1 India
893GS1 Vietnam
896GS1 Pakistan
899GS1 Indonesia
900 - 919GS1 Austria
930 - 939GS1 Australia
940 - 949GS1 New Zealand
950GS1 Global Office
951Global Office - General Manager Number, see Note 2
955GS1 Malaysia
958GS1 Macau, China
960-969Global Office - GTIN-8, see note 3
977Serial publications (ISSN)
978 - 979Bookland (ISBN)
980Refund receipts
981 - 984GS1 coupon identification for common currency areas
99GS1 coupon identification

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