HTTP is an Abbreviation of Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

HTTP Related to HTTPS

HTTP protocol is stateless#

So even though the HTTP protocol may be stateless the long-term communications between a HTTP client and HTTP server are NOT. There is a considerable number of methods to try to maintain state within long-term communications between a HTTP client and HTTP server

HTTP Status Code#

The HTTP protocol provides a rich set of HTTP Status Code to represent different request processing outcomes.

HTTP Methods#

HTTP Methods are request message is characterized by two very important parts. The target, composed by a URI, identifies the resource where an operation should be performed. The request method defines this operation and is the primary source of request semantics.

A defining characteristic of HTTP is that the set of available methods is always the same, independent of the target resource. This is in sharp contrast with other architectural styles, such as RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) or distributed objects, where each request target has its own specific operations.

The fixed set of available HTTP Methods.

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