Homomorphic Encryption


Homomorphic Encryption is a form of encryption that allows computations to be carried out on ciphertext, which when applying decryption, matches the result of operations performed on the plaintext.

Homomorphic Encryption is a method used in Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Homomorphic Encryption is sometimes a desirable feature in modern communication system architectures.

Homomorphic Encryption can be used for privacy-preserving outsourced DataStore and Cloud computing. This allows data to be encrypted and out-sourced to commercial Cloud computing environments for processing, all while encrypted. For example, predictive Analytics in HealthCare can be hard to apply due to medical Data Privacy concerns, but if the predictive analytics service provider can operate on encrypted data instead, these privacy concerns are diminished.

Homomorphic Encryption could allow the chaining together of different services without exposing the data to each of those services. For example, a chain of different services from different companies could calculate

  • the tax
  • the currency exchange rate
  • shipping
on a transaction without exposing the unencrypted data to each of those services.[1]

Homomorphic Encryption algorithms are malleable by design. This enables their use in cloud computing environment for ensuring the confidentiality of processed data. In addition the homomorphic property of various cryptosystems can be used to create many other secure systems, for example secure voting systems,[2] collision Resistance Hash Functions, private information retrieval schemes, and many more.

There are several partially homomorphic crypto-systems, and also a number of fully homomorphic crypto-systems.

Why NOT being used?#

The catch of using Homomorphic Encryption is, in its current state, is impractically slow, in part, because it has a larger computational overhead than plaintext and other Encryption operations.

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