How To Get Lab Builds


These are test builds and MUST not be deployed to Production servers!

NOTE: Please provide any feedback on these builds.

If you want Production code, use the Production Build Distribution

LAB Builds are on example.com at:

cd home/ndsuser

Delete the existing edir.dev and all its contents:
rm -rf edir.dev

Use Secure FTP to connect to example.com
sftp ndsuser@svr.Directory-Info.com.net

Change to the directory that holds the Lab Builds:
sftp> cd /users/home/builds/nds/

List the Files:
sftp> ls

The Files will be like ....

You normally should get the latest build.

Get the APpropriate File:
sftp>get /users/home/builds/nds/edir.dev.

sftp> exit

Decompress and extract the file:

# gzip -dc edir.dev. | tar -xvf -

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