I-name are identifiers resembling Domain Names, designed for simplicity and ease of use.

I-name are one form of an XRI — an OASIS open standard for digital identifiers designed for sharing resources and data across domains and applications.

I-name are human readable XRIs intended to be as easy as possible for people to remember and use. For example, a personal i-name could be =Mary or =Mary.Jones. An organizational I-name could be @Acme or @Acme.Corporation.

Though typically long-lived, I-name may, like domain names, be transferred or reassigned to another resource by their owners. For example, a company that changes its corporate name could sell its old I-name to another company, while both companies could retain their original i-numbers. What most differentiates i-names from domain names is that in practice they will have a synonymous (equivalent) persistent i-number (below).

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