IAM Stage One

Off site.

1-5 days

6-10 Business Stake Holder. Minimum of six, max of ten.

Project Goal and Charter Document

Define ISM Success#

I like to use a simple definition here. IAM Success can be broadly categorized by the following:
  • A program that fulfills strategic business or organizational goals for the betterment of the entire organization and for those with whom it does business
  • A program that fulfills the mission of its charter, and all documented requirements, as established by its core stakeholders
  • A program that cost justifies itself and adds more value than it removes
  • A program that does not spur negative side effects such as fiscal bleed, talent loss, competitive damage, or audit pain

Warning #

Many organizations choose to view all of their projects in success terms. However, if the organization must constantly “re-adjust milestones” to reach success definitions above, then the program or its related projects cannot be considered successful.

This is why most large companies are on their 3rd or 4th attempt at an IAM Program.