IBM/Tivoli Identity Management (TIM)[1]#

IBM acquired Access360 (provisioning) in 2002 and rebranded their enRole product as TIM 4.4. All later versions of the product are built off this code base. TIM 4.5.1 was released in September 2003. TIM 4.6 was released in July 2005. TIM 5.0, was released in December 2007. TIM 5.1 was released in June 2009.

IBM changed the name of the product to IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) with the release of version 6 (ISIM 6) at the end of 2012.


IBM Acquisition of DASCOM (WAM) in 1999


IBM Acquisition of Access360 (provisioning)


IBM Acquisition of Metamerge (metadirectory) in 2002.

IBM/Tivoli Access Manager (TAM)#

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