IDM Best Practices

IDM Best Practices#

We have some IDM Best Practices that we often use with clients.

IDM Project Planning - Methodologies#

Requirements Assessment #

Output Documents#

  1. RA Design Document
  2. Customer Requirements Definition / What We Heard.
  3. High Level System and Data Mapping

Analysis and Design#

Analysis and Requirements Verification#

Architecture and System Design#

  • Architecture
  • Connector Detailed Design and Development
    • Filters (Subscriber and Publisher)
      • Object Class
      • Attributes
  • Policies
    • Matching Policy
    • Creation Policy
    • Placement Policy
    • Transformations
    • Schema Mapping
    • Input Transformation
    • Output Transformation
    • Event Transformations

Pilot Staging#

During the Staging or pilot more, more and more users are utilizing the IdM infrastructure.


  1. Detailed Data Mapping Table
  2. High Level Architecture Document
  3. Finalize Design Document
  4. Detail Connector Design Document

Production Deployment #

Maintenance and Support #

  1. Education for the Client
  1. IDM Driver Failover
  2. NICI Tree Key Provider
  3. Tree CA Backup

Novell IDM Naming Conventions#

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