IDM The Solution

Hopefully, IDM system is an easy sell to all. #

Some of the benefits:
  • Decrease redundant profile maintenance activities
  • Decrease the need for excessive help desk calls for password management
  • Virtually eliminate cumbersome user access revocation.
  • Increase the predictability of IT service-levels
  • Decrease IT's support burden while increasing user efficiency.

Often times, the phrase, "Identity Management" conjures up images of massive enterprises struggling to maintain and administer user profiles for thousands upon thousands of employees worldwide. Yes, those are certainly environments where Identity Management can play a major role.

We want to also show you that Identity Management isn't only limited to the multi-national organization with 30,000+ users. Identity Management can play a role in virtually any size organization. We'll help you identify whether or not Identity Management is right for you and your business.

To help alleviate the pain, it is important to work with a specialist in Identity Management that knows where the potholes are and can navigate the political waters.

Determine the Identity Management Architecture#

Identity Management Architecture is a clear collection of standards, policies, certifications, and management activities. The IMA provides the context to create a digital identity infrastructure that meets the goals and objectives of the organization and is capable of allowing refinement as the organization's goals and objectives change.

The IMA can only exist within a context of an organization. The IMA should be:

  • A primary component to enforce the policies
  • Able to fit within the interoperability Framework of the organization.
  • Compliant with the Process Architecture of the organization.
  • Compliant with the Data Architecture of the organization.
  • Compliant with the Technical Reference Architecture of the organization.

IDM First Steps#

Requirements Assessment#

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