IDM Vendor Products


Microsoft Identity Management Product Line#

Oracle IDM#

Oracle has acquired many products to use with their Oracle IDM product lines.


Sun Microsystems has made similar acquisitions (e.g., Waveset for provisioning). The list is by no means exhaustive.


IBM has done the same thing, with its acquisition of DASCOM (WAM) in 1999, Access360 (provisioning) and Metamerge (metadirectory) in 2002.

Computer Associates#


ActivCard (now ActivIdentity) acquired Protocom to enhance its existing capabilities.


Passlogix OEMs its v-Go eSSO product to Oracle, Sun, and IBM. The Citrix product has a residual amount of Passlogix code in it. Whoever picks up Passlogix has the opportunity to shake up the market and irritate its competitors.



Claiming to be "the largest provider of healthcare single sign-on technology," Imprivata has a Global Healthcare Division complete with a chief medical officer (Dr. Barry Chaiken, currently head of The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Barry Society - HIMSS).


Hitachi ID Systems#

At the 2008 RSA conference, Hitachi announced the acquisition of majority shares in M-Tech which was best known for P-Synch, their password management offering.


SAP acquired MaXware.

DirX Access#

DirX Access is the Access Management and Federation solution within the Atos DirX product family. These products came to the Atos portfolio as part of the Siemens SIS acquisition

HP OpenView Select Identity#

AdNovumNevis Security Suite#

AdNovum is a Swiss-based software vendor. AdNovum support what they call “secure web interaction” with their Nevis Security Suite. The suite consists of various components for WEB Access Management, including Federation support, and Web Application Firewall, authentication, user management including delegated administration and self-registration, support for digital signatures, and an administration console. All features are provided by separate components. However, these components are tightly integrated.[1]

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