IDM and the Organization Dilemma

The Organizations Dilemma#

Well if all the other parties we have met find Identity and Access Management to be an easy sell, why is the Organizational Entity not on board.

There can only be a few reasons:


Identity and Access Management is not cheap; At least in the short term. A InfoWorld review shows the lowest cost for the software from six competing vendors to be $68,100 as tested for 2,700 user and the highest cost to be $355,000 with the highest ranked vendor to be $105,300. (in 2007)


As Identity and Access Management usually involves several different technologies and crosses multiple platforms and or applications, there is an inherent complexity of integration of the resources.


As nothing else, Identity and Access Management requires cooperation with nearly all elements of an Organizational Entity. Have you ever tried to get the Solaris and the Microsoft Windows groups to agree on anything?


Many organizations we have worked with, even very large organizations do not have concrete policies to perform the Identity and Access Management activities. When we say concrete, well just say that no one person can define nor is there written documentation how Digital Subjects are provisioned, managed and de-provisioned throughout the organization.

Now we are sure your organization is not in this scenario; but that is what we have encountered with some organizations.

Identity Management requires more time to deal with the politics of the organization than most other projects.

What are the primary barriers to Identity and Access Management#

What are the primary barriers to automating Identity and Access Management compliance in your environment?

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