IEEE 802.11


IEEE 802.11 is a IEEE 802 standard for Wireless Network LAN (WLAN) & Mesh (Wi-Fi certification)

IEEE 802.11ax#

IEEE 802.11ax, marketed as Wi-Fi 6 by Wi-Fi Alliance is a draft Wi-Fi specification standard, and the proposed successor to Wi-Fi 5.

The 802.11ax is designed to operate in license exempt bands between 1 and 6 GHz when they become available for IEEE 802.11 use. All Wi-Fi 6 devices work over the previously allocated 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. The Wi-Fi 6E designation is for products that also support the standard over 6 GHz.

IEEE 802.11ax introduces better power-control methods to avoid interference with neighboring networks, Orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA), higher order 1024-QAM, and up-link direction added with the down-link of MIMO and MU-MIMO to further increase throughput, as well as dependability improvements of power consumption and security protocols such as Target Wake Time and WPA3.

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