INHIBIT_MOVE Obituary is a NDS Obituaries of Type 0003. This obituary type designates an object that has been moved from another name context.

Obituary of Type 0003 is assigned to the relocated object in its new name context.

When any object is moved from one location to another in the database (for example from ou=accounting.o=novell to ou=users.novell) the "old" location of the object will get a OBIT_MOVED and the "new" location will receive a INHIBIT_MOVE Obituary. The obituary process will take place just as it would with deleting an object, however if the new location is in a different partition it may need to contact another server to negotiate the process.

The server holding the master replica for a partition needs to do this and if you have 2 partitions involved there may be 2 different servers needed to progress the obits.

In this process we sometimes see that the OBIT_MOVED is processed just fine along with it's BACKLINK Obituary but the INHIBIT_MOVE Obituary is not progressed and remains at flags = 0000. We call this an "orphaned INHIBIT_MOVE" obituary

Before we think about any fix we need to verify if this is truly the case and need to check all servers that hold master replica's for any OBIT_MOVED to make sure we are not breaking our system when we try and fix this. Once we have verified and are satisfied that no OBIT_MOVED exists anywhere for the object that has the INHIBIT_MOVE Obituary we can proceed with the fix.

The fix is: TID 3908200

If the object not only holds a INHIBIT_MOVE Obituary but also a OBIT_DEAD you will need to contact Novell Technical Support

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