INTEROP In August 1986, Lynch convened a workshop with the goal of explaining what TCP was and what it was not, focused on engineers, and convinced engineers from MIT, Stanford, ISI, and others, to come.

At the time, the idea was to deal with the problem that "people were mucking up implementations" of the standard, and simply get the engineers talking to one another. He noted that HP had three different teams working on TCP, and IBM had five, and they "didn't even know about each other." About 300 people showed up at the first INTEROP, held at the Doubletree Inn in Monterey, CA. Lynch charged $100 "to pay for the donuts."

1990, the show attracted 30,000 attendees. Lynch sold the show to Ziff-Davis (publishers of PC Magazine), though he kept running it. At the time, Novell's NetWare network was still dominant in local-area networks, and the company's Networld show was the big competitor. Lynch said he talked with Novell INC founder Ray Noorda about merging the two shows, and Noorda responded "If you get me in Japan, I'll give you my trade show." Lynch was able to get a show running in Japan and so in 1994, the show became Networld+Interop, a name it kept until 2005.

The show continues as Interop ITX: April 30 - May 4 2018

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