Identifier (ID) (string, token, key, Attribute, Identity Attributes that uniquely provides Identification of either a uniquely "Entity" or class may be an idea, physical Entity (or class thereof), or physical substance (or class thereof) context (globally or locally within a specific domain, community, Directory Service, application, etc.

An Identifier is used to separate an Entity from the Anonymity Set

An Identifier may be a Name Form, word, number, letter, symbol, or any combination of those.

Identifiers are labels which refer to entities. They are used to keep track of what we know about those entities. [1]

Identifier Classification#

Identifier are the key used by the parties to an identification relationship to agree on the entity being represented. Identifiers may be classified as:

UserIds and Unique Identifiers#

UserIds and Unique Identifiers as Ldapwiki use them are Identifiers

RFC 6973 Section 3.3 #

RFC 6973 Section 3.3 defines Identifier as a data object uniquely referring to a specific identity of a protocol entity or individual in some context. See RFC 4949.

Identifiers can be based upon any Name Form Official Names, Personal Names, and/or nicknames or can be artificial (for example, x9z32vb). However, identifiers are by definition unique within their context of use, while natural names are often NOT a unique Identifier.

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