Identity Assurance Framework


Identity Assurance Framework (IAF) is a Title used by several Organizational Entities all with different ideas.

Liberty Alliance#

Identity Assurance Framework was work from Liberty Alliance began in 2008 which detailed four Identity Assurance Level designed to link trusted identity-enabled enterprise, social networking and Web applications together based on business rules and security risks associated with each level.

Kantara Initiative#

The Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG) was formed to foster adoption of identity trust services.

Identity Assurance Framework which comprises several documents that detail the levels of assurance, and the certification program that bring the Framework to the marketplace. The IAF comprises primary documents such as

  • Overview publication
  • the IAF Glossary
  • a summary Assurance Levels document
  • an Assurance Assessment Scheme (AAS), which encompasses the associated assessment and certification program
as well as two secondary documents:
  • the Service Assessment Criteria (SAC), which establishes baseline criteria for general organizational conformity, identity proofing services, credential strength, and credential management services against which all CSPs will be evaluated; and
  • the Assessor Qualifications and Requirements which provides an Kantara Initiative Recommendation www.kantarainitiative.org overview of the requirements which applicant assessors must fulfill in order to become Kantara-Accredited Assessors.

Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance Framework supports NIST.SP.800-63-3 Level Of Assurance

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