Identity Overlay Network


Identity Overlay Network (ION) is a public, Permissionless System, Decentralized Identifier (DID) network that implements the blockchain-agnostic Sidetree protocol on top of Bitcoin (as a 'Layer 2' overlay) to support DIDs/DPKI (Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure) at scale.

The majority of ION's code is developed under the blockchain-agnostic Sidetree protocol's which this project uses internally with the code required to run the protocol on Bitcoin, as the ION network.

Each transaction is encoded with a hash that allows ION nodes to categorize, store, process, and fetch the transactions associated with a specific DID.

Identity Overlay Network network is connected to Bitcoin with the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) and does not require an additional consensus mechanism.

Identity Overlay Network nodes can process "tens of thousands of transactions per second."

The ION team rates Bitcoin as the most secure blockchain on two metrics: production of a single, independent, immutable record with no way to reverse it; inexpensive cost of attacking the system.

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