Identity Verification Service


Identity Verification Service is a Verifier Service Provider used by businesses to ensure that users or customers provide information that is associated with the Digital Identity of a Natural Person.

Identity Verification Service may verify the authenticity of physical Identity Documents such as a driver's license or passport, called documentary verification, or may verify identity information against authoritative sources such as a credit bureau or government data, called non-documentary verification.

Identity Verification Service may use Dynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication which has a Identity Assurance Level.

Identity Verification Service may be used both online and in person to verify identity. These services are used by some Social Websites, Internet forums, dating sites and wikis to stop sockpuppetry, underage signups, spamming and illegal activities like harassment, scams, and Money laundering.

Identity Verification Service is required to establish bank accounts and other financial accounts in many jurisdictions.

In Financial Institutions, verifying identity is often required by regulation known as Know Your Customer or Customer Identification Program. In the United States, one of the many bodies regulating these procedures is the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

Identity Verification Service often use Dynamic Identity Verification Service is employed in several different industries to verify the identities of customers as a means of fraud prevention and compliance adherence.

Identity Verification Services are often used because verification is not based on an existing relationship with a end-User, it gives businesses a way to have higher Identity Assurance Level on the Digital Identity during Credential Enrollment or in a Password Recovery condition.

Identity Verification Service are Identity Brokers and have Privacy Considerations.

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