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Image is also Media-type

Image is an artifact that depicts visual perception, for example, a photo or a two-dimensional picture, that has a similar appearance to some subject, usually a physical entity[1]


Image is a JSPWikiPlugin that gives you finer control over the layout of images than just the simple in-lining of images.


src = 'Image source'
This can either be a full URL (http://...) or a WikiAttachment name. Required.
align = 'left|right|center'
The image alignment.
height = 'integer'
Force the height of the image.
width = 'integer'
Force the width of the image.
alt = 'alt text'
The alt text of an image. This is very useful when doing pages that can be navigated with text-only browsers.
caption = 'caption text'
The text that should be shown as a caption under the image.
link = 'hyperlink'
A hyperlink (http://...). In the future, you can also use WikiPages.
border = 'integer'
Size of the image border.
style = 'style info'
Any style markup you would like to apply to the table surrounding the image.
class = 'class name'
Redefine the default class for this image, which is "imageplugin".


[{Image src='Pic/INFO.png' caption='Testing Image' style='font-size: 120%; color: green;'}]

Shows the attachment Pic/INFO.jpg with the caption Testing Image underneath it. The text is 120% in height and will be rendered in green color.

Testing Image

[{Image src='http://opi.yahoo.com/online?u=YahooUser1234&m=g&t=2' 

Shows the Yahoo online / offline graphic and creates a link to Yahoo send message

The Image plugin can do thumbnail links if you're willing to create the thumbnail images yourself, using the link attribute, e.g.,

[{Image src='images/ref/image_thumb.png' link='images/ref/image.png'}]
When you click on the image thumbnail the full size image will be displayed.

It's also good practice to include alternate text using the 'alt' attribute (actually, this is a validation requirement in XHTML).


The table that encompasses the image. It consists of two subcategories:
img = IMG tag that gets embedded.
caption = caption that is embedded.



More Information#

There might be more information for this subject on one of the following:
  • [#1] - Image - based on information obtained 2018-07-10-

See: JSPWikiCorePlugins