Imanager Not All Features Show Under Configure


When you see any of these:[1]
  • Module Installation Configuration Role is not Available in iManager
  • Configure iManager task does not appear in iManager
  • iManager Server configuration role is not available in iManager
  • iManager Server Role is not available in iManager
  • Plug-in Installation Role is not available in iManager
  • Module Installation Configuration Role available in one tree but not another with same iManager instance


Valid in Imanager 2.5 or 2.6, 2.7 go to the
On Linux:
Add the DN of your user, including tree name=eDirectory.

For example,




Or: To configure the iManager server,

  1. . Access iManager.
  2. . Select the Configure View.
  3. . Choose iManager Server > Configure iManager from the left-hand frame.
  4. . Select the TAB "Security"
  5. . Set the user here.

Multiple Trees#

It is possible with eDirectory 8.8 to have one iManager instance servicing two eDirectory trees all on the same box. The user who first installed iManager will show up in the configiman.properties file and be able to modify modules while an admin in another tree, who possibly has the exact same context and is logging into the exact same iManager instance, will not be able to view or modify modules like the first admin who actually installed iManager,because his tree name is different. Keep in mind that using explicit user listings as shown in the examples means those users are tree-specific.

You can use the method listed above in iManager to add users from different Trees to the authorized user list. In this case you must just type in the full DN, as you can't browse to a DN in a different tree within iManager. Additionally, if the Configure iManager role is missing or if tasks under that role are missing it could be that the iManager cache needs to be cleared. For more information please refer to the iManager 2.7 Administration Guide under Troubleshooting - iManager Plugins are not properly installed.

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