Imanager Pam User Administration

Add the AUX Class#

To add a the Auxiliary ObjectClass to a user with Imanager use the following:
  • On the "Roles and Tasks" menu, select "Schema" then "Object Extensions"
  • Select the User you to add the Extension.
  • Click the "Add" button and add the "posixAccount" to the user.

Modify the Unix Profile#

NOTE:The posixAccount Auxiliary ObjectClass must be added to the user before this is performed.

On the "Roles and Tasks" menu, Select Users then Modify.

  • Select the User to modify.
  • Then select the "User UNIX Profile".
  • A screen to modify the uid*, primary Group*, Login Shell, HomeDirectory* and enter comments related to the user's Unix Profile is presented.

The uid*, primary Group*,and HomeDirectory* entries are REQUIRED.

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