Using Imonitor#

Official Documentation


Allows for customization of iMonitor.


The Imonitor ndsimonhealth configuration file lets you modify default settings for the Imonitor Agent Health page. You can enable or disable Agent Health options, set reporting levels and ranges for options, and set server reporting levels.

Less known Information #

There are some items that you may not find in the manuals that we have discovered over the years.

Display Config#

Allows you to view the iMonitor configuration items

Database iMonitor#

Here is a hidden Database iMonitor utility. Use it to easily view database cache and checkpoint activity and other statistics.

Imonitor Direct Mode#

Imonitor Direct Mode is when Imonitor is reading information or executing on operation on the same eDirectory server from which Imonitor is running. In Direct Mode all Imonitor features are available such as: Direct Mode also reduces network bandwidth and provides faster access.

Imonitor Proxy Mode#

Imonitor Proxy Mode is when used when Imonitor is gathering information from a eDirectory server which is not where you are accessing Imonitor.

Imonitor Proxy Mode enables you to gather data from servers not running iMonitor. Features (such as DSTrace), on the other hand, use APIs that cannot be accessed remotely and thus are not available in Proxy mode.



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