Implementing Novell Entitlements in a Driver

Implementing Novell Entitlements in a Driver#

The Novell Entitlements framework utilises various aspects of EDirectory and DirXML to create the Novell Entitlements framework.

Entitlements and Drivers#

Since an entitlement is only a flag that signals a DirXML driver to grant some arbitrary resource, in order for the grant or revoke of an entitlement to actual have any effect, there must be DirXML-Policies within the driver that handle the actual granting or revoking of access to the resource in the connected application.

The DirXML Script contains explicit support for implementing entitlement policies. The <if-entitlement> condition is used to determine if a given entitlement has been granted or is changing.

The <token-entitlement>, <token-added-entitlement>, and <token-removed-entitlement> tokens are used to get a list of the granted or revoked entitlements.

The <do-implement-entitlement> action is used to mark policy actions that implement entitlements so that the results of the entitlement can be automatically logged to DirXML-EntitlementResult.

The entitlement tokens return a nodeset containing 0 or more <entitlement-impl> elements that can be used to get information about the entitlements and can be passed as an arguments to <do-implement-entitlement>.


Right after a do-start-workflow event, if there is an error, the "error.do-start-workflow" will have a value.

Examples using Entitlements Policies#

We have some Examples using Entitlements Policies for you to explore.

Removing Novell Granted Entitlements#

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